Stacy Rosen, founder of Story Scarves

Have you ever had a remarkable day where a number of unrelated things converge?

Stacey Rosen is a Twitter friend, who lives in South Africa, and like me, is a graphic designer. In addition to graphic design, she founded and devotes energy to Story Scarves, an organization whose aim is to teach tolerance through expressive arts.

Stacy was traveling to Seattle as the special guest speaker for Art With Heart’s annual fundraising benefit. Although Art with Heart is located only a few minutes from where I work, I only became aware of it through someone who lives in South Africa!

Stacey isn’t on Twitter very often but she happened to be following the timeline the day I posted my blog entry, Friendship in the Digital Age. When I write a blog post, usually about once a month, it’s out there, and then, *poof*it’s gone.

The fact that she actually caught it the day I was sharing it, and then READ it, is a minor miracle in and of itself. But then after reading it, she sent me a tweet as she was boarding her plane to say that she was going to be in Seattle and would I like to get together?

When she arrived, she called me from her hotel room on Queen Anne Hill, and we decided since she was going to be at the Pike Place Market, we would meet there.

The Pike Place Market

In my rush out the door, I didn’t have her email address or her Twitter moniker with me, and I couldn’t find any way to reach her except at the hotel.

As I was getting ready to call the hotel, I took out my iPhone, and saw a message from one of her Art with Heart colleagues was waiting for me, letting me know their group was leaving The Pink Door, the restaurant where they’d had lunch. She let me know Stacey was planning to walk through the market.

I was beginning to think our meeting wasn’t going to come together, but I again contacted Stacy’s colleague to let her know I would be parked at the bottom of the market Hill Climb on Western Avenue. Then I waited.

Ten minutes later, seeing her walk down the Hill Climb stairs was a miraculous moment, and all of the goodness about her just radiated from her face.

We hugged and talked for 15 minutes, and it felt like I was chatting with a long-time friend — a fantastic moment made possible because of the serendipity of Twitter.


Stacy can be found on Twitter @StacyStories or @StoryScarves

9 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely want to meet up with you! My friend have told me how beautiful Seattle is..incl the Wharf! My favorite city in the world is San Francisco…but it might change to Seattle – once I see it! (((HUGS))). By the way, you write so well! 😉


  2. Wow! I’m reading our story for the first time, over a year later. Terri, you’ve captured a cherished memory and a meeting that nearly wasn’t :). It’s a magical moment when you meet face-to-face and the person behind the twitter facade is even more fabulous than online perceptions! My twitter handle has changed to @curiositysleuth which is totally more ‘me’. So pleased you’re part of my colourful circle, Terri. Sxxx


    • Stace! I felt so lucky the stars were in alignment! No telling when I will ever make it to your neck of the woods, so I’m really happy we were able to connect in person when you were in Seattle.

      Though we don’t see each other often, I always feel happy when you appear in my timeline. It’s like running into a high school chum when you’re out and about!

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

      ((HUGS)) Terri


  3. Yes, I have.

    My friend @evacharya tweeted that she was casting in the Sydney area, and was looking for crew and cast for her small Indie film.

    So I tweeted @stevieboylan as he’s moving to Australia in several months that he should look into that.

    And I tweeted @winewankers that their ticket to stardom had arrived.

    And it turned out the @winewankers knew of many areas that Eva was looking for for potential settings.

    And Stevie is now writing Eva a haunting melody, and is sending it to her tomorrow.

    So I consider that well done on the micro networking front, haha.


    • C, thanks so much for the comment here!

      Isn’t it crazy how social media compresses huge distances, even spanning hemispheres? Sydney is so far away, and yet you helped facilitate something happening on the other side of the world!

      I suppose some would attribute timing and the interconnections to randomness, but I like to think it was serendipity with a dash of magic.

      And I couldn’t agree more with your assessment: Well done!

      Thanks again!




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