11 thoughts on “AD-miration for Creativity

    • Dear Karen,
      Thanks for reading. I think W+K has pioneered some really amazing programs in Portland, involving kids and professionals.
      David and I were in Portland and ventured to their offices. It was a Saturday, but people were working, walking in & out. One of Charley’s schoolmates was working there at the time. And it’s located in such a cool part of the city.
      Are you full time in Sun River?


  1. Entertaining and educational! Right on! It’s a treat to see great ads — thanks for all the work and research done to share these!


    • Dear Melissa,
      We’re fans of Wieden+Kennedy. They’re so creative. The “Truth in Advertising” clip has been around for what seems like decades, and is still pretty funny (and true).
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


  2. Hi Terri,

    interesting insights! After watching a couple of Verizon spots, I agree with you. They are smart and wonderfully illustrated indeed.

    I also liked that you too that extra step of getting in touch with W+K’s PR department. Most bloggers would have glanced over that step.

    Interestingly, W+K also created the first Facebook commercial, back in 2012 which got some mixed reviews…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U16XShROI8

    It was creative for sure, but not rooted in what clients actually cared about. Seems they have successfully applied that lesson in the new Verizon campaign!


    • Hi, Kai. Thanks a ton for reading the post and for your thoughtful comments. I’ve been a fan of W+K for years and had absolutely no idea they created a commercial for Facebook! How in the world did you know that?!

      I took the liberty to check out your WP site. It’s really nice and well written, too. I liked your analogy of Legos when you talked about how a site is built.

      Where are you located? I didn’t look to see.

      Verizon is smart to hire W+K. When I see what their competitors are doing, Verizon always seems to be a few steps ahead.

      Wishing you well, and thank you again for telling me about the FB ad!


      • Hey Terri,

        thanks for coming back to me so quickly. I’m working out of Montreal these days.

        It really was a coincidence to stumble over the Facebook ad some time before reading your article, and totally out of context. I just remembered the name of the agency, W+K, and that they were based in Portland. It seemed unusual for big national and multinational to hire a firm from Oregon until I realized that W+K were global themselves.

        It’s good to know that even the big ones need failures to evolve…makes my own ones seem more purposeful 🙂


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